We offer as a specialized company the needs of a wide slice of local and international foundations and companies, through offering the most modern instruments and techniques in our specialized areas, and thus we can achieve the greatest possible use of their respective owners.


Our services are:

  1- 2D / 3D Design

2- Plans design

3- Carrying out the projects

4- Supervise the projects

5- Handing over the key.

What about graphic design,  commercial advertisment marketing ?

Ok, in this way we give you an ideas and designs contribute and help the companies and foundations owners to present their products, goods and ideas for their customers in attracted and perfected shape.

And the services are:

1- Corporate stationary, Business cards, Envelopes.

2- Brochures, Flyers, Pamphlets, Folders.

3- Banners, Posters, Signs.

4- Newspaper and magazine advertisement.

5- Product packaging, Labels, Boxes.

Websites design

In this area we are offering:

1- Website designing and programming.

2- Web hosting.

3- Database.

4- Flash.

5- Coding.

6- Slide shows.



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